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Nomad'Act takes a deterritorializing and poetic approach to concepts and presence. It welcomes all artistic production in movement. Mixing media, playing around with modes of creation and production, re-inventing the access to the audience. Interlacing movement with sound and voice, putting them on stage, on screen, or on photo.


Nomad'Act is hosted by two urban nomads aiming to dodge categorization: Florent Hamon /FRA/ and Nele Suisalu /EST/.



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Sounding bodies was a research-oriented residency a collaboration between Nele Suisalu and her brother Taavi Suisalu."

"Its nowhere-arrivals are accompanied by the mechanical and mental sounds of changing places: by a subway-musicians' hit-parade and by an elderly voice anchored in its monologue of memories. Like the equilibrium of a flying airplane: speed vs gravity."

Transforming the theatrical encounter to a cozy and intimate one through their improvised performance, they reveal not only the discursive but also the embodied dimensions of communication. Delving into the desires, expectations and wishes of the audience in order to investigate the collective “artifice” we invest in.


Theater edgy punk love / when a concert turns into virtuoso choreography and acrobatics awkward, sophisticated images and naive theater, saxophone and Steering Air Music ....